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Spent the day in Sinsa eating incredible food at a table for one.


Then headed to Hongdae to see the ever lovely Sean at his cafe.
Sportin’ stripes.

Hanging out in Sinsa with Minsu on his vacation from army discussing what he will do when he gets out in a year. This was the most killer meal i’ve eaten here in a lawwwwwwwwwng time. We ate the best chicken and daikon radish wrap situation i’ve ever had at his uncle’s restaurant.


Then came home and raided a chair from the street. Winning  all round!

 ❤ Sinsa with my big sister, Tina  ❤
Overdosing on cakes and tarts in cute cafes.

Her illustrations are huge here.
Such a doll!

Bloom & Goûté (Garosugil)

Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 534-6,Seoul Korea
서울시 강남구 신사동 534-6

DAY EIGHT - 언니 티나 ♥

After spending the morning moving new apartments, I was able to finally catch up with Tina, my sister’s very talented friend who is an illustrator in Seoul. I posted about her work before but she goes by OkayTina and has done huge work for Samsung, KakaoTalk, Levi’s and more!

Look here:

The nicest girl ever! We spent the day eating food, talking, giggling and exploring Sinsa-dong for a new wallet as i lost mine in London.

We went to ‘School Food’ and sweet baby Jesus, the food was incredible. The kimbap was wrapped in thin egg and it was dokk carbonara with glass noodles…

Obvious mirror photo.

The cafe was absolutely lovely, called Oui BeneBene around the back of Sinsa.
Gorgeous decor and cute features like this little paper towel vending roll.


After we went our own separate ways, i hopped the train to Cheolsan to meet up with Jerry for drinking games at his fellow teacher’s house with some of the other people who are teaching English in Seoul.

We made the trek up the EPIC hill to her house after a nice Korean shop owner helped us double bag our over flowing grape baggie.

Spent the night hanging out basically with the housemate’s puppy and playing Apples to Apples.

Then we jumped a taxi and headed back to Jerry’s to crash and the taxi driver thought we were intending to visit a motel…

If only he knew the actual truth… 
But Jerry and i thought it was funny…



….and good morning to the incredibly loud sound recording of an older Korean woman letting out a blood curdling scream and speaking about something over and over and over and over and over again while i tried to sleep in all morning. 

I finally pulled myself out of my rock hard bed to take on the day. Wait, let me rephrase that, take on the late afternoon. With only a couple more days to go, i thought i should really get up and seize the day.

This the view from my window.

A taco house and nail salon right on my doorstep.. HULL YEAHHHHH!

A cute flower truck passed me in the street. Boys here are cute when flowers are that cheap!

After wiggling my way out of bed i headed to Myeongdong to pick up a few bits and bobs but left with a whole heap of clothes and knicknacks. 

I am heading out again clubbing with Rachey tonight but this time, without the crippling alcohol intake this time. I decided to pop in and see Sean for dinner before meeting up with Rach. 

The cute little totoro and cat figurines on the counter.

Then while i was waiting for Sean he pulled out all stops and made me the sweet BLT he had mentioned back in the day. SWEET MUMMA IT BLEW MY MINDDDDDDD!
It’s not overly sweet but the right marriage between all the fillings and drizzled with maple syrup. I’m salivating just thinking about it. Go try it for yourself! 

After i downed that with his lovely friend who was covering him for the night we headed back to the local Japanese bar for noodles and baseball.

We ordered and sat back to relax. We were sat at the bar and my eyes locked in on the figurines which were waiting for me to corrupt. The rest is history:

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh salivatingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

Mini ramen!!

After noticing the time, Sean (Bless him) paid for dinner then walked me to the station and we said our goodbyes. I jumped the train back to Itaewon to meet up with Rachey to get ready for tonight. I met her at the station and we popped into the Family Mart for some cider and soju. Best combination mixer ever! Chilsung cider = sprite!

We glamoured up and headed to the only club we knew about as we didn’t pin point the club we went to the friday before. 

Turns out Octogon was a mad classy bar and not really what we had in mind. We managed to ask a group of chaps if they knew anywhere to go and they insisted we headed back to Itaewon with them. Ah, no. 

We managed to get the name of a club in Sinsa from them and jumped a taxi.
We strolled the streets of Sinsa trying to find people who looked like they were heading out. All we found were drunken men in suits and tired couples strolling the streets for warm refuge.

Rach called her friend who directed us to a club and we honestly walked in circles following younger guys and girls in all directions. Long story short, it was right in front of us the whole time. We giggled to ourselves and approached the front door. We hadn’t brought our ID’s as last time we walked straight into the clubs and wasn’t stopped so we thought we could try our luck. Sadly, we were rejected and began to wonder if we really were going to end up dancing or just singing our blues in a karaoke bar….

We tried our last idea of Hongdae. 
After a short taxi ride we had the driver explain that the place he was dropping us off at was where all the bars and clubs were and we would find somewhere perfect here. 
I was tempted to ask him to join us as it sounded like he knew where the party was at… but then realised he was 68 and would probably break a hip trying to shuffle. 

We took a stroll into one of the alleyways where it seemed to be full of all the right people. We were a bit lost and managed to be approached by these English speaking chaps who found us a bar where we didn’t need ID’s. THANK GOSH!

We headed into a place called GoGo’s and grabbed our free beers. Turns out Rocky was one of the guys names and had his heart set on Rachel. He had studied in America and came home to work. I had a fun dance with his non English speaking friend and attempted to make fun at the drunkies. The chaps left after a while and Rach and i had to avoid some creeps but headed to the bathroom before venturing out.

Oh hai Amelie!! Fancy seeing YOU here!

After surviving the manky bathrooms we went to leave the club but the DJ changed his mood and decided to play great music. We had a good old dance and out of nowhere this creep came up by my ear and asked me my name. I am all for meeting new people but if i can feel your spit speckling my neck as you talk to me…. this ain’t going down well. I managed to murmur my name and he just wouldn’t leave. Then he asked where i was from so i set my sights on the closest guy and said “I’m from Australia and THIS is my boyfriend.” Out of sheer luck the chap i grabbed had lived in Melbourne for a couple years and gracefully came to my rescue! His friend also lived in Queensland for a couple years as well! HOW CAN THE WORLD BE THIS TINY!?

We managed to blow the guy away and get back to dancing.


After depleating all our energy stocks from dancing, we all hit the streets for some fresh air and a good sit down. We introduced our selves and headed to a chicken & beer bar. Now THIS is what i call partying, with poultry. This chicken was the tits! UGH! SO GOOD! 

Jay & Maxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachey and their other friend. (man, i feel bad, i cannot remember his name to save my life :(  )

And the chicken. Oh, the chicken.

After downing a few jugs of beer i walked Rachey to meet a friend and i headed back to the restaurant with Jay to keep partying. It was about 6am when we left the restaurant but i had no cash on me as i couldn’t find a Citibank ATM which left the boys being complete gentlemen and paying for everything. Every ATM spat my card back at me.

Not wanting to go home i convinced the boys to hit Karaoke while we were still all boozey. 

HA! Maxie, what a good man. I took my earrings out from the sheer weight of them and Max popped them in for a laugh. 

After we finished up and sang our hearts out (i think i hit puberty half way through Roly Poly) we headed to the main road for taxi’s home. Jay went his way and Maxie joined me to my place to collapse on my floor. Somehow he convinced me to keep drinking beer at 8 am after no sleep and so once we hit Itaewon it was off to the Family Mart for some Hite. I am all about Korean beer. Maybe because it tastes watered down…

I think i had half a cup of it once we got back to my apartment and i just went down faster than a tonne of bricks on that bed. 


After waking up early I showered and cleaned my room. Sat on my luggage to close it and basked in the sun awaiting Sean’s arrival. The owner came to clean the apartment do I headed up the road to find refuge and a good feed (with super fast wifi!)

It turned out i didn’t have to go far! Genie owns a cafe here called New York Style. After wandering past it a few times unable to read the menu she spoke fluent English after living in the states for 8 years. We spoke about her kids after I ate her home made onigiri. 18 different types of rice with sweet anchovies in the centre. Rocked my world and I downed an apple juice! 

Sean managed to find the apartment and we filed my luggage in and set off for our day in Gwacheon. We were bound for the National Museum of Contemporary Art, iced Americano in hand. (

We passed through the city centers and into the outer suburbs of Seoul. We waved good bye to green houses and farmers lands and found our way near a horse racing ground. Everywhere I looked i saw cherry blossoms dotting the country side.

We found the drive up to the gallery and i was blown away by the road.

It turns out Seoul Land is on the same plot of land up there that the gallery was, along with a zoo! 

We parked and stepped out into the fresh air and strolled up towards the gallery.

Sean having a giggle. Such a happy chappy!

The gallery had rolling hills out the front that are spotted with sculptures and couples lazing about enjoying the sun. Oh, and the vizors were out in large numbers too!

The entrance before the big man decided to take a big step into the frame.

"Located at the center of the museum, the Ramp Core is 13.8m in diameter and spirals upward to a height of 22.8 meters, in a vast space lit by skylights. Visitors are greeted with “The more, the better” by artist Nam June Paik, which was installed at the center of the Ramp Core in 1988. 1,003 TVs, a number that was chosen to represent Korea’s National Foundation Day, October 3, are installed in a round tower 18.5m high and 7.5m in diameter. This vast cone-shaped video tower is the first work of art that visitors see in the main entrance hall, and each monitor can be individually appreciated by walking up and down the slope of the Ramp Core."

It was incredible being faced with that much TV and stands as a good testament to Samsung’s longevity as the screens are still pumping hard from the 80’s!

Cutest little kiddies on a school trip! Squeeeeeeeee!

We wandered around the permament and temporary exhibitions taking in the sights. There were some really WEIRD images but my boots kept making a racket so we headed straight to the brassiere for a bite to eat.

We finished up after lunch and i bugged Sean for a ride of the chair lifts that take you over the top of the trees so we made our way back down from the gallery to buy tickets.

We grabbed a one way ticket to the dark side (heh!) and was hoisted into the chair and propelled into the air. Albeit a little rocky once we got going it was so special!

We made it to the far side and had a stroll around appreciating the sights. I also found a bunch of blossoms which i quickly popped in my hair and put some individual flowers in Sean’s jumper. ^_^ IN THE SPIRIT! 


It seemed like it would look better in my head..

As we still had a bit of time, we decided to hit the theme park. At this point i was too busy screaming my face off and praying to any God’s that i didn’t die i took no photos. BUT there was this big golf ball looking monument. 

We rode some magic carpet ride which almost brought up lunch, we also hit a few rollercoasters which i loved and then the Viking for 3 goes. I think every ounce of life was sucked out of me on the very last ride. It was a claw-esque spinning machine of Hell which almost made me lose the necklace Saori made me for my 21st. Just when we thought it was finishing, it spun us backwards and i felt my life flash before my eyes. Oh Lordy, it was no fun… BUT fun at the same time. 

After feeling really tired and hungry, and being the last few out of the grounds before it closed we decided to head back to the city to eat and get me settled back into my new apartment. 

We wound up at this really amazing ‘American’ restaurant where they made homely meals like chicken pies and spag bol. Sean ordered the giant meat ball spaghetti which was amazing. It was topped with a giant meat ball that was filled with melted cheese. I caved in when i saw the chicken pie and downed it like a pro. Even though stuffed, Sean and i popped into a patisserie and sampled the best of the best. We bought the strawberry rare cheese cake made from marscapone & cream cheese, a triple fudge chocolate tart, pecan pie and blueberry friand. 

The damage.

After stuffing ourselves to the brink of explosion we popped back to the car and headed to my new home.

We arrived in Itaewon but completely spun out of where this apartment was. Thank the good Lord for Sean otherwise i would have been out on the street again with all my heavy luggage. For some odd reason the address that was given to me wasn’t actually leading the car to the apartment. Sean gave the hosts a call and we found the right place, but there was no parking. There was some baben man chatting to these old peeps by their car and i believe mentioned to Sean that they were leaving and we could snag their parking spot. 

We sat there for at least 10 minutes staring at them. Turns out they were just having a good old chat and about to go for drinks. We found a park further up the street and Sean lugged my luggage up to the apartment like it weighed nothing! 

The apartment was HUGE! Much larger than the two other apartments i had been in previously. We hurled my bags in and i went face first into the bed. THE BED WAS LIKE SLEEPING ON CONCRETE. I think maybe from tradition Koreans are used to sleeping on the floor that they’ve carried this love for hard surfaces to the beds. I am used to sleeping on marshmallow-esque beds back home so this is new to me. I managed to start unpacking the nessecities then we headed to the Family Mart a few meters up the road for water and grabbed some strawberries from the main road to finish the desserts with.

We settled back at mine and tried this amazing sparking wine Sean had been raving about. It was amazing, but i couldn’t remember the name of it. We had in mind that we would go out for beers but it turns out strawberries and ocean documentaries are much better for tired souls. 

Sean getting some fresh air, EXTREME fresh air.

After getting through two thirds of the documentary i began slipping away from the adrenaline rushes earlier on i had to send Sean home. As soon as i closed the door behind him i crashed.


Another morning and day spent rolling around in bed.
My bruise is getting worse. Check out this bad boy:

Awwwwww yeah!
Off to join Jerry for Cheonggyecheon stream tonight.
I should get out of this bed and move!!

Oh yeah, i cracked my laptop screen this morning.
I laptop had slipped off my table months ago and warped the ethernet socket and the pressure the warped metal has applied to the screen made the screen separate from the front cover. NOW, i went to pull the screen towards me and i heard an epic crunch. I have busted in the corner. Ugh. Another expense.



I rushed down the road to meet Jerry for dinner. I think I burnt off numerous calories hiking the many endless steps at this station. I managed to get to the designated meeting point only to turn around and find the exit closer to the stream. We made our way BACK down the stairway to heaven and to our open street. We stopped by Tom n’ Tom’s for a fix and finally found the stream. It’s lit up and very romantic! Well, as romantic as an all concrete, man-made stream can be.

Me and my freaking Tom N’ Tom cups

This photo is really dark. It was in honor of my Russian escort second identity. I was hiking my skirt up but this failed.

We sat with some couples and shared a laugh then decided to fill my stomach with something other than dairy products.

We heard some muffled rapping as we headed up the stairs from the bank and some sort of peaceful protest was happening with musical support. We got over watching it pretty quickly due to not understanding a word. After turning around, I saw ‘JULIO’ up in lights and turned to Jerry. “MEXICAN IT IS!” I have eaten more Mexican here than I have In my life and less BBQ here than I have in Sydney. What is life??

We made our way up to the restaurant and noticed a ‘couples’ set menu so seeing as everyone ELSE here thinks Jerry and I are a couple.. We ordered a set menu. Boy does Julio do it big! Oh, and we ate to a country music soundtrack…


Quesadillas & Chimichangas.

Now, I was open to experiencing new Mexican but after eating each dish, nothing compares to Macho. I LOVE YOU MACHO! FRAME A PICTURE OF ME AND YOUR BURRITOS! We finished up and for some reason this time the dairy fairy was about to bring a whole world of pain. “SUP GURL! I’M BACK TO ROCK YOUR WORLD….. And stomach!” 

We paid the lovely people and decided to stroll the streets to walk off dinner and decided to head back and visit the King and palace.

We passed by a bar that was showing the baseball and i stopped in my tracks. I was watching it on the train in the reflection of someone’s phone. I’ve decided to take Jerry VIP to a game on Sunday :) Going to buy a cap and go all out!


We arrived at the King and he wasn’t lit up but then we saw the palace in all it’s glory. We headed straight up to it and started snapping! It had a completely difference presence at night and no one was around. It was really magnificent!

Annnnnnnnd then they cut the lights on us, So  Jerry and i took it as our cue to leave and jump a train. Nothing really exciting happened, then i took the stroll home and now finishing writing this. Off to the gallery tomorrow, road tripping with Sean. 

Must sleep, going to crash. All my loveeeeeeee to whoever is taking the effort to read all of this. You get, 92 gold stars for effort.



I think downing drinks and Japanese food at 1 am is not the best way to end a night.
I managed to wake up to my alarm and jumped, rather slowly, onto the internet to find out if i could extend my stay in this apartment so i don’t have to move my stuff. Not possibly it seemed after emailing the people who own the apartment. I could book it til thursday and check out then and they offered me a discounted rate on one of their apartments in Itaewon. I had remembered that there was a guest house that had the most amazing room in Hongdae but everywhere in Hongdae was booked solid.

I sent them an email first thing and awaited their reply. I had sent them an email back in the day trying to plan things but they were pretty expensive, but their response rate was really quick. It wasn’t the case this time. I was on the website and saw a contact number and i decided to make a dash down to the station to call them instead of waiting around. I knew i had to call Cathay Pacific before 1pm (Two hours before my actual flight left) and find accommodation so i knew how long or little i could extend my trip for. I also was running between cafes trying to get Angela to call the people for me but Cafe Bene’s wifi was really weak. I received an email from the guest house a little while later saying that they only had a four bed room apartment available during this time but when i emailed them back they took forever again and Angela couldn’t call at the time so i ran to find internet to book myself into Itaewon and jump the line to CP. This was all happening around the 12:30pm mark…

After becoming incredibly stressed i was waiting it all out in Coco Bruni over a lemonade. Acid on a stressed stomach is not a good combination. After getting confirmation for Itaewon, i powered down to the station and made a call to Cathay.
No matter how long i waited, the line kept cutting out. I finally got through to them but there wasn’t any room on any flight on saturday or sunday so i booked in on Monday and let out a sigh of relief. I’m here for another week!

The walk back to the apartment was full of joy, drowsiness and just overall relief.
I came home and went to sleep.

I managed to stir from my sleep late in the afternoon and figured it would be wise to see how much money i had left on this card. I couldn’t remember my details to save my life and the website kept asking for an email i had never provided. CALL IN MY FAMILY FOR ASSISTANCE. I managed to get a hold of my sister on Skype and asked my mumma to make the call to ANZ to see if they could help out.

After my mother explaining a few times and the lady resetting the system i had some weird need to check my stickies. I had actually saved all the passwords and usernames i had needed on my dashboard when i had registered it. What a tool. 
I wished my pappa a happy birthday and said goodbye as i had to join back up with Jerry in Hongdae for dinner.

This is my pappa, and my mum playing around. I love them too much!

I met up with Jerry and we both decided Mexican it was. That poor guy who runs the restaurant must think i’m an addict or something. Jerry and i ordered quesadillas again but turned tables and tried the fajitas this time. Both and all were equally mind blowing. Once again, Macho’s Mexican. Check it out.

Jerry, being held at gun point by a native, is sizing up the plate of food he must eat if he wants to live..

Unimpressed Frida is unimpressed…. at my secret joke.


After giggling and reminiscing we saw it was 11 and made our way to the trains.

After getting a seat and zoning out the world sped by as my eyes closed from being so damn tired. Hearing the voiceovers on the train drift in and out of my hearing i savored the warmth of the people sitting next to me as each door opened and closed at each stop.

I made the trek home after popping into the 711 and buying a 2L water bottle.
I came home, shimmied into my pajamas and conked out. 



I woke up and managed to make myself look somewhat approachable and set off to meet Jerry at World Cup Stadium for his recruiters luncheon!

When i arrived Jerry and i surveyed the gorgeous flowers that were lining this river and decided as the weather was lovely and warm we would ride the Han River after the BBQ.


We met up with the other and got taxis to the bbq site. It’s a camping site where people have bbq’s and spent the day/night there with family and friends. If you watch Running Man they came here when Yonghwa and Daesung were on it together. I almost lost my mind!

Most of this post will be a sum up as i’m tired and cannot remember much. We were greeted by beers and snacks and a really good spread of treats. They fired up the BBQ and we waited for the amazing meat that was being cut up to be served. Made really good friends with this killer gal called Rachel who was from New Zealand which was great! Everyone else was really lovely. They were from the US, Canada, Ireland then us aussies and a kiwi!

Our park attendant starting a fire, WITH HIS GLARE.

Rachey <3

This meat was so good. The right amount of fat and meat. HOW AM I NOT THE SIZE OF A HOUSE ALREADY?!

Set for life. Beer & meat & rice & pepsi. 


After eating we all decided to play sports. For me, that meant watching the men play baseball a while away from these guys trying to combine soccer and volleyball.

It was really amusing to watch, but i now have a complete appreciation for baseball.
Must hunt down a game before i leave! 

After finished up, well THEY finished up the game, and i felt rude not heading back we snacked on the left over food and all decided to head back to Hongdae and separate from there. Not until after my ‘cool’ ring. It wasn’t very cool.

After all of us piling into the maxi taxis and forcing the rare few into the boot…

Jorge and Jerry getting aquainted.

We ended up at Hongdae and decided we would go for a harmless drink. It turns out in Korea you can’t really go for a harmless drink. I had to dash to find the nearest bathroom and met back up with everyone in a tiny little cubicle where they had ordered these huge jugs and beer, a few dishes and many bottle of soju we decided to play a few games. Then we all gave up moving for people to go the bathroom so people crawled under tables, Jerry and I taught everyone “he’s a pisspot” but died pretty quickly and a few other Korean games which was fun.

Yep. Jerry’s best friend, and open vessel for later but we won’t go into that…

Tipsy squint!

The spread.

Hyori, is that YOU???!

After finding out that the Irish girl Emilee was heading to a club, myself and Rachel decided we wanted to jump that train and head out with her. We brought Christina along too! Turns out Emilee was heading on first and we all wanted to find something to wear out. We hunted the streets and i only found a black dress. We headed back to mine to get ready. It was so cute, i came across these photos of Rachel and C!

We ended up all dressed up and found the club that Emilee went to. The soju and finally hit me while i was trying to make my way through the strobe lighted club and fell over a stupid crate full of soju bottles. There are many babes in the clubs but all the girls just sit in the corners while the guys stand around. Pretty different to the Sydney scene.

And the rest was history by nursing my bruises.

Tomorrow, is recovery day.